Look “Gloomy Sunday”

World grief Evidence of death Nothing new Epidemic of suicides Nobody ever confides Its a state of mind Very very cruel and unkind A disease of the Healthy and wealthy Time after time Misunderstood geniuses Sons and daughters At least nobody let slaughters Stop the world Many Gloomy Sundays Contributed to the blues Nobody believed the news Except “Billie Holiday and Etta James” They sung the blues That caused emotions Laughing and crying Sobbing and dying Jumping and diving Continue reading Look “Gloomy Sunday”

The old biker guy

A rough-looking bearded gray-haired old man Stands up in church And yells “Fucking aye” While everyone else is saying “Amen” “Right on “blessed art thou” And then the ┬árough looking bearded gray-haired old man Still standing Yells “Shit happens pastor” “Fuck them losers” “And fuck the devil too” Continue reading The old biker guy

Given These Tears Today

Originally posted on Michael's Lair:
Given these crocodile tears today Forgive me exposing my broken heart And me as my heaving body sways To our old song now broken apart Only she can kiss away my tears She walking down to the river’s bank Going to skip flat rocks we did for years We were both happier with many thanks Following her to the river’s edge Picked up a rock and skipped it down stream Quietly bringing up our life long pledge And when we put together our dream If your intentions are to leave pure I will walk… Continue reading Given These Tears Today

So you want to be a preacher. Tell us more…..

So you want to be a preacher. Tell us more….. I would bring sinners to God, teach them faith, lead them to baptism. Help feed, cloth and guide people. Lead by example. Sing and praise God and his son Jesus. Enrich people’s lives with God the almighty. Teaching from the Bible. I will use my over forty-two years of bible knowledge to inspire people. I want to further help lead and teach people about the good life after death through Gods promise. I would also like to utilize my forty-seven years of being alive along with my personal experiences to … Continue reading So you want to be a preacher. Tell us more…..